Dj Bettencourt: The Deputy Insurance Commissioner of New Hampshire and a Whole Lot More


Dj Bettencourt —current Deputy Insurance Commissioner of the New Hampshire Insurance Department and member of Salem’s Budget Committee and Charter Commission—has been a dedicated public servant of NH for most of his life.

This just proves where his passions lie. He continues to pay it forward, in fact, by providing $1,000 partial scholarship funds for insurance professional students from high school and college as subsidized by the NH Insurance Department.

You Can Always Bet on Mr. Pay-It-Forward to Do the Right Thing

• The Scholarship Incentive for Would-Be Insurance Professionals: Mr. Bettencourt and the NH Insurance Department is investing in the future today by giving $1,000 scholarship incentives for qualified high school and college students. That amount can go a long way in helping them manage their finances and studies.

• Why Take The Opportunity? Yes, it’s not a full scholarship or college fund. However, if you qualify for it as an NH student, it’s still $1,000 to pay off your tuition, school materials, or student loan debt. It also teaches citizens that NH has their back and they too should pay it forward to future insurance professional generations.

• How to Gain Financial Support: To avail of the grant by the NH Deputy Insurance Commissioner, go to the application page as detailed on Mr. Dj Bettencourt blog or the commission’s own website. Follow the steps and provide all the requirements and information asked of you. Write in essay form why you should be selected and get a change at $1,000.

• A Public Servant Who Cares About the Public: No one bets against the great D.J. Bettencourt when it comes to his loyalty to his town and his state. He even served as the state’s former representative on the House of Representatives from 2004 to 2012, with him becoming a Majority Leader from 2010 to 2012. His dedication cannot be questioned.

• He Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk of Public Service: Bettencourt even recently released on his page a Granite Staters consumer advisory in regards to Medicaid Redetermination and Alternative Coverage Options. He wishes to inform impacted Granite Staters to watch out for misleading marketing and scams because he cares about the wellbeing of NH residents.